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15 songs created from a wide variety of samples contributed by people in Hungary and Britain, recording in bedrooms, studios and fields: The result? - A rock album with hip-hop sensibilities and subject matter ranging from the end of days, to slavery, to the discovery of dinosaurs in a metro station.


released July 20, 2013

Harlan Cockburn: words, vocals, things with strings, keys, skins, reeds and knobs
Adrienne Thomas: words, vocals, keyboards, bass, drums
Ashley Green: additional vocals
Csendes Csaba: drums
Gretchen Meddaugh: narration, vocals
Isaac Cockburn: piano
Joe Bell: piano, electric bagpipes
Joe Reeves: additional vocals, electronic bloops
John Allen: trombone
Kiss Ákos: piano
Kristian Cockburn: bass, drums, keyboards, guitar
Laurien van Noortwijk: vocals
Malachy Molloy: acoustic guitar
Mezei Elmira: narration
Molnár Zsuzsa: citera, vocal choir
Pomázi Erna: poem - Szakadék Szélén
Roger Hillier: keyboards, bass, drums
Tóth Evelin: vocals, drum

composited and mixed in Shabby Road, Gödöllő, CD mastered by Pejkó Balazs, Studio H, Budapest



all rights reserved


harefield Budapest, Hungary

moresongs is the follow up to somesongs by virtual band harefield. The album is made up of very many small audio samples created by people in Hungary and Britain, none of whom knew how their contributions would be used. The end result sounds rock-like, but with an experimental twist. The words are mainly English, with a little Hungarian thrown in. ... more

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Track Name: Yesalovesong
There's something about the way you walk
the way you walk through solid walls
you don't do dishes and you don't eat corn
but the way you truth is best of all
Track Name: Mark of Hand
Oh Fathergod or Motherearth it doesn't matter much
the worlds will end in just two weeks
we need to stay in touch
Track Name: At This Moment In Time
And just like that
he was gone
so gone
real gone...
Track Name: Ouspensky Says
Who could not believe that our own blood is made of galaxies?
Track Name: In A Garden
O girl you is woman you is older than me
when I first became a father
you somebody's child you chew gum and strut
you somebody's child
you grew into this
Track Name: Carbon Dated
The subway wasn't needed
as the city wasn't builded
and the people washed their bodies
in the cool dark streams
and it was the dogs
who dug for bones
Track Name: Lungz R Kool
I told you it was broken
I told you
I told you
Track Name: Raw Meat + Shrapnel
We'll crack the heads of foreigners
and bring them home as slaves
we'll fight for King and country
and we will do or die
as dusky maidens wait for us
all on the other side
Track Name: Present Perfect
We cannot wake before we wake
for if we are asleep
we'll only dream of waking
and on waking find we sleep
Track Name: The Closing Door
There is something going on that we don't quite understand
the candle in the window
the clock without hands
there's a cloud on the horizon
that moves against the wind
birds sing at night in the storm before the calm
and it is what it is
it is only what it is
Track Name: Blind Man Shout Out
You only offered up your seat on the 47 tram
you were not drowning kitty cats
Track Name: László + Catwoman
Like a wine that will never
drain from your cup
so drink and get drunk
and shut the fuck up
Track Name: Ilona Again (Naturally)
Ilona you are hellbent on destruction
and you'll take down anyone to hand
Ilona you refuse all introductions
hit the road before it takes you down
Why can't you see
why do you do these things to you
what price are you now
willing to pay?
Track Name: As Told To
My mommy died before I was conceived
I was raised by crows after Daddy leaved

Had my first woman when I was five and ten
a Creole honey like a mother hen
she made me come and then she made me go
into the cold wet driving snow

I was a matelot now
I was a salty dog
I was a rover wild
I was a gun for hire
Track Name: Szakadék Szélén
Tonight the air feels made of snow
as we fly over the city
high over the city